Pump test

Pump test

The design of our pump test station allows us to adjust the pumps, test their rotation, and carry out the necessary measurements. In its current form, the system is suitable for measuring both horizontal and vertical axial pumps and can be further developed as needed.

The test pool can be easily filled and emptied with water, its volume is 200 m3. It can be craned along its entire length with a 10-ton crane, and for special lifting tasks (e.g. laying), the lifting capacity can be increased to a total of 20 tons with an additional 10-ton crane placed next to it. The height measured from floor level is 4 m. The depth of the pool rises continuously from the widening area to the opposite side from 8.6 m to 5.1 m. The pool can be covered for work safety and space utilization reasons. The pool covered with ribbed plates are designed as an installation surface of 27 m2 and have a load capacity of 500 kg/m2.

The measuring circle is suitable for conducting measurements according to the following standards:

  • MSZ EN ISO 9906:2013,
  • ISO 9906:2012 – Rotodynamic pumps. Hydraulic performance acceptance tests. Grades 1, 2 and 3

This international standard specifies the hydraulic performance tests for the acceptance of rotodynamic pumps (centrifugal, mixed and axial pumps) up to a maximum input motor power of 200 kW. It can be used on any size pump and any pumped liquid that behaves like clean, cold water.

It defines three acceptance levels:

  • Grades 1B, 1E and 1U with tighter tolerances;
  • Grade 2B and 2U, with wider tolerances;
  • Grade 3B with an even wider tolerance.