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Micro, Mini And Small Hydro Turbines

The excellent performances of the individually designed turbines are based on the experienced engineers of ASG and on the knowledge of KBL turbine manufacturers. ASG Hydro undertakes the supply of Francis and Kaplan turbines, where design and production meet the special requirements of the Customers.


The standard fields of application of the turbine types are determined by the available head and flow rate.

Power range

Delivered power range is:

- for Kaplan turbines: 100 KW - 2 MW
- for Francis turbines: 100 KW - 5 MW


Construction of Kaplan turbine for low head and high flow rate
Max. head 30 meters
Power range 100 KW - 2 MW
Runner with adjustable blades with fixed blades (propeller)
Shaft arrangement: vertical shaft or horizontal shaft
Runner and shaft: complete shaft with guide and thrust bearings, runner fixed on the generator shaft end.
Control, governing guide vane and runner blade adjustment by hydraulic or electromechanical actuator

Construction of standard Francis turbine for medium flow and
medium head
Max head 200 meters
Power range 100 KW - 5 MW
Runner: radial flow, closed, casting or fabricated
Shaft arrangement: vertical shaft or horizontal shaft
Guide vane: adjustable guide vanes for the flow rate control
Runner and shaft: without own shaft, runner on the generator shaft end or complete runner assembly with shaft, thrust and guide bearings, flexibly coupled to the generator shaft
Control, governing guide vane adjustment

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