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The mobile pump-engine unit

The mobile pump-engine unit is the result of 30 years’ experience in assembly, operation and supply, developed through the cooperation of Körös-Valley District Environment and Water Directorate (KÖVIZIG), ASG-Group, Extren Ltd. and Biztonsági Üzem Ltd.


Field of Application:

The unit can be used for land drainage, flood-protection, irrigation and other lifting (fire-fighting) purposes. We recommend our product to: water directorates, water-management associations, municipalities, fishing cooperatives, users of agricultural water.


Feature of the Pump Unit:

The pump and the driving diesel engine are mounted on a common base frame.

 Aluminium spiral casing – the flap valve of the pump is available in two versions: either separately assembled as individual valve or built in the discharge branch of the pump,

 The discharge branch in starting position is standing vertically upwards; from this position, it can be rotated in both directions with 90o (after 1-2 hours of assembly),

 The impeller can be made of bronze, cast iron or stainless steel.

Driving Engine:

 4cylinder turbo diesel engine or 5cylinder suction diesel engine,

Exceptionally low noise level, ecologically beneficial, economic operation,

 Air-cooled diesel engine.



Discharge: 800200 liter/sec

Manometric head: 5 – 12 m

Power of driving engine max. 70 kW

Dim. of suction and discharge branch ND 500 mm or ND 300 mm