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Project ID Number: GOP-2.1.1-12/B-2013-0011

Project description:

ASG Hydro Ltd. wanted to implement a capacity-increasing technological development in order to strengthen the water machine production line in a sustainable way. Part of the project: Procurement of 1 CNC horizontal drilling and milling machine. As a result of the development, we will also have the opportunity to produce parts that we have not been able to produce so far, and we will be able to produce parts more economically, thus increasing our sales revenue and results, so we can remain competitive and create jobs.

Project name:
“Complex technology development at ASG Vízgép Kft.”

Grant amount:
60 000 000 HUF

Beneficiary’s name and contact details:
ASG Hydro Ltd.
2800 Tatabánya, Vértanúk tere 8/a.

Name and contact details of the Intermediate Body:
MAG-Hungarian Economic Development Center Ltd.