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Project ID Number:  GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02077

Within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program “ASG Hydro Ltd.

ASG Hydro Ltd. won a grant of HUF 29,939,500 in its tender entitled “Increasing its competitiveness through adaptive technological innovation”.

Project description:

Purchase of 2 new machining machines.

Projekt neve:

„Increasing the competitiveness of ASG Hydro Ltd. Through adaptive technological innovation”

Amount of support:

29 939 500 HUF (50%)

Project start date: 2019.04.02.
Project completion date: 2019.06.14.

Beneficiary’s name and contact details:

ASG Hydro Ltd.

2800 Tatabánya, Vértanúk tere 8/a.


Name and contact details of the Intermediate Body:

Ministry of National Economy

1051 Budapest, József nádor tér 2-4.