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Pumping Drainage Water, Storm Water, Supplying Water from settling tanks in Water Works, Irrigation and Agriculture for Lift Irrigation, Circulation of hot or cold water in Industry, Air-Conditioning Plants, Power Stations, Textile Mills, Sewage Handling, Flood Control   Features – Single suction – Single stage – Volute casing – Low head, high capacity pumps […]

The excellent performances of the individually designed turbines are based on the experienced engineers of ASG and on the knowledge of KBL turbine manufacturers. ASG Hydro undertakes the supply of Francis and Kaplan turbines, where design and production meet the special requirements of the Customers.   Application The standard fields […]

These are horizontally axially split casing, single stage, double suction or single suction pumps with horizontal shaft and detachable stuffing box called insert with horizontal axially split volute type. The impeller is accurately balanced. These pumps are gland packed and have mechanical seal. These are mainly used in water supply, […]

The mobile pump-engine unit is the result of 30 years’ experience in assembly, operation and supply, developed through the cooperation of Körös-Valley District Environment and Water Directorate (KÖVIZIG), ASG-Group, Extren Ltd. and Biztonsági Üzem Ltd.   Field of Application: The unit can be used for land drainage, flood-protection, irrigation and […]

Theses pumps are constructed rigidly to ensure vibration free operation. Hydraulic design is being updated continuously based on the R&D efforts in order to meet requirements of higher efficiency and lower submergence, while taking care of other parameters, such as high reliability and optimum system design. Field of Application Water […]